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Who is VOCO Sàrl ?

VOCO Sàrl is a French wire factory and a member of the international NOTZ Group. We specialise in the manufacture of surface-treated wire products, binding wire for the graphics industry and flat-rolled fine wire for scourers and industrial uses.

Our thin, rolled galvanised or copper-plated wires are further processed by a wide range of industries, particularly for woven metal products. For example, these woven metal products are turned into metal scourers that clean better and are brighter and more durable than other comparable products. The excellent reputation of VOCO’s woven metal products is no coincidence and is based on two main properties: their bright finish and their extreme resistance to rust.


What distinguishes VOCO Sàrl ?

We are in full control of the entire production process from drawing the wire through to the knitting process. We also produce circular knitting machines with a reputation for their robust design, ease of use and low-maintenance. It is no surprise that our circular knitting machines are also in successful operation outside VOCO Sàrl. Today, several thousand machines are in use all over the world.

We also have an efficient copper-plating plant that allows us to easily meet the most stringent requirements of the electronics and aeronautical industries.


VOCO Sàrl divisions

We can supply

Your application

  • Manufacture of flat wire from round wire Ø 0.22 mm
  • Copper-plating
  • Wire knitting
  • Scourers
  • Metal filters
  • Woven metal cloth



Target markets

  • Low carbon steel
  • Household products
  • Do-it-yourself
  • Construction
  • Carpentry
  • Printing industry
  • Electronics
  • Aeronautics